Cinnamon Cardamom Pancakes

Excerpt from my Twitter last Saturday:

KG wanted cinnamon rolls, W wanted pancakes. And thus were born cinnamon cardamon pancakes with cream cheese frosting. Nom

My MIL asked me for the recipe shortly after I posted that note. (Sorry Mom for not posting this sooner!)

The pancake base came from a box. Box called for egg, oil & water, but said that I could sub in applesauce for the egg & oil, so I did. I made the “double” recipe knowing how many pancakes our two kids can inhale at a sitting.

Once I had the base mixed, I added about 1/2 tbsp ground cinnamon and roughly half that of ground cardamom. (After trying the first pancakes, W and I decided we needed more cinnamon. I added another tsp or so.)

For the frosting, I used this recipe:

I wanted to be able to use the frosting on other stuff (although I haven’t yet) so I left it plain. If I did this again, I’d probably add some spices into that too.


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