Anadama bread


The kids & I were home yesterday due to Snowmaggedon 2011. What to do with two kids when you’re stuck inside all day? I turned to my old friend, the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook and paged to the “bread” section. I had one packet of yeast left from my weekend of bread making, and what better use for it than to show off  some fun food chemistry to the kiddies?

I let KG pick out what type of bread we were making. I think she picked this one b/c it’s fun to say: “Anadama!” According to folklore, the name came from a farmer saying “Anna, damn it” in response to getting served the same boring food over and over. LOL.

The kids loved watching the yeast bubble up in the water, and declared that the smell of the yeast was “yum.” KG was able to stir the cornmeal on the stove, add in the molasses (more stirring) and pour the measured ingredients into the stand mixer. She loved doing that, but got bored watching the machine knead. W thought the kneading was the best part 🙂 After the dough had risen, they helped me shape the loaf and put it into the pan for the 2nd rise.

I couldn’t find the exact recipe I used online, but this one is similar, except that ATK calls for milk & butter to cook the cornmeal in:

Plan to serve this both with dinner (slow cooker roasted pork & apples) tonight and to eat with my soup leftovers from earlier in the week.

More on Anadama bread on wikipedia:

Final review from kiddies: Nom!


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