Root Veggie Soup & Rustic Bread



Last Saturday, the kids and I headed off to the CNY farmer’s market to get the ingredients for tonight’s dinner: lots of root vegetables.

KG and one of the farmers had a great time. I told her what to get, and she looked for it. He gave her little hints, nodding in the right direction, etc. When we left, she said, “That was really nice of him to help me find everything.”

I had selected this recipe b/c it calls for beets. The kids are served beets at school once a week, and they never eat them. So I wanted to show them how fun beets are.

The soup was pretty straightforward. Peel and chop veggies. Toss with olive oil, salt, pepper. Place it crock. Roast for 4 hours. Add veggie broth and puree.

Yes, I immersion blended a soup with beers in it! And the kitchen isn’t red! I’ve worked out a system: stand a cutting board behind the crock, use the lid as a shield, go at it.

The soup turned out like a red, more flavorful potato soup. I liked it…. W liked to throw it. KG liked the first half of her bowl. They both liked the bread, which I baked up yesterday to go with the soup.


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