Off-topic: BobbleHipster

I know this is way off topic for this blog, but we’re trying to get the word out in any way possible.

2ndNature, the studio where I spend my days, is in the process of a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for a new mobile app, BobbleHipster. What’s BobbleHipster, you ask? BobbleHipster is a bobblehead app with truly great design work. Most bobblehead apps that we’ve seen are either focused around one person (like a political figure) or a certain TV show (like Cylons). But our plan is to create an app that truly showcases the design work — and lets you upload any image you want as the head.

You’ll be able to shake your smartphone (iPhone or Android) to bobble the head of your friend, your dog, you baby… whomever… on some very cool hipster bodies.

Not familiar with Kickstarter? It’s basically an online pledge drive – if we don’t reach our goal, it doesn’t cost you anything. But if we do, you get some really fun prizes, up to and including a voice in the app design.

Want to learn more? Watch the video below, starring two of my co-workers and animated by the same talented developer who will be building the app. And then visit BobbleHipster on Kickstarter. Every dollar helps! Thanks for reading, watching and pledging.

BobbleHipster Kickstarter Video

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