Black bean chicken

Made this black bean chicken for dinner tonight – verdict: nom. Will make again. And with four ingredients, can’t really go wrong!

My tweaks: used 2/3c dried beans instead of canned, which I cooked on low w/ 4c water in the crockpot overnight. Then I added the rest of the ingredients in the a.m. Went a little light on the salsa, since the kiddies don’t go for spicy food.

One note: make sure all the rice is in the liquid when putting the ingredients in the pot – what was not covered was a little crunchy.

I shredded the chicken in the pot before serving two ways.

1) I made burritos for the kids and J, adding a little cheese. J also added chipotle hot sauce, b/c, as mentioned, this wasn’t that spicy.

2) I had mine over a cup or so of zinguini, my new favorite side dish. The zinguini were a planned “leftover” from the lemon zucchini muffins I made yesterday (still working on tweaking that, original recipe is linked but I changed it a lot).

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