School lunch, day 2


Turkey, cheese and tomato skewers; whole wheat ritz; spinach; strawberries; raisins; chocolate kiss. Water, applesauce and sweet potato chips for snack. We were requested to send a juice box. I don’t think she needs juice every day, and she is already getting juice at her after-school program… Twice a day is way too much. Any one else have their schools ask parents to send juice? All-in-all, little fruit-heavy, but given that she only ate the strawberries and chocolate on day 1, I’m going for everything to be eaten.

What came home:
Forgot to take a photo! Anyways, she ate the two pieces of turkey and two of cheese; and all the crackers, strawberries, chips and applesauce. She left all the tomatoes, the spinach (odd, she is usually a fan), and the raisins. Still working out the right amount of food to send!

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