School lunch, day 13


Aka “Ack! I forgot to make KG’s lunch last night!” Unlucky 13, I guess. Anyways, she told me this is what she wanted. Ham and cheese sandwich, spinach and carrots (salad dressing in little container), chocolate.

Water, applesauce, goldfish and raisin combo for snack.

Update: what came home.

Supposedly, she “ran out of time” to actually eat the spinach and carrots… After dumping the salad dressing on them, of course. She does eat pretty slowly.

One Comment to “School lunch, day 13”

  1. We have this problem too! Harry keeps saying “the teacher rang the bell before I could finish my lunch.” Wondering if we should talk to the teacher about letting have a few more minutes, or if he’s a distracted eater (which he is at home) and needs to learn to starve a little and eat faster.

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