Recipe review: Princess French Dip Au Jus


Tonight we made a quickie dinner – 25 minutes, start to finish, and the item that took the longest was the easiest, the sweet potato fries.

The main course was French Dip Au Jus from KG’s princess cook book – the Royal Recipe Collection Disney Princess Cookbook that she got at the school book fair. This was from the “Belle” section, “main courses” that, in theory, have some sort of French inspiration.

Win! Everyone ate their entire sandwich, and the main course took less than 10 minutes to prepare. I did cheat and buy the roast beef at the deli counter instead of making it myself (although I was tempted to crock-pot it), but in fairness that’s what the recipe called for.

The kids got very into the whole dipping concept. I think we’ll have to do these again!


3 Comments to “Recipe review: Princess French Dip Au Jus”

  1. HOw did you make the sweet potato fries?

  2. what??? Store bought!!! =)

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