School lunch, day 34


Better to post late than never!

Ham sandwich on a hamburger bun (halved and stacked to fit in the box); “Fishy” jell-o jigglers (from the princess cookbook, the Ariel section, shockingly); frozen blueberries; string cheese and a chocolate for lunch.

Pretzels and homemade applesauce for snack (I very carefully showed it to KG and explained what it was, so hopefully she won’t reject the “weird brown applesauce” – I used red apples to make it).

Updated: She didn’t eat the homemade applesauce because she said it was too sweet (note: it was unsweetened and I had put lemon juice in it). W, who wanted to show up his big sister, promptly said he wanted to have some of that applesauce at dinner. KG couldn’t stand for that, of course, so they both had some homemade applesauce at dinner and cleaned their bowls, which made me feel slightly better about having to toss the serving that she had brought home. The rest of her lunch was eaten 🙂


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