School lunch, day 38: Happy Halloween!


Open-“face” Jack-o-lantern sandwich (shredded carrots mixed with cream cheese with raisins for features and a lettuce “stem/leaves”) in a “field” of shredded lettuce; “creepy” purple layered yogurt (blended mixed berries on top of plain yogurt); Halloween candy (from trick-or-treating at the mall) for lunch.

Banana & granola bar for snack.

Update: so, this lunch was an epic fail. What KG ate: tootsie roll. Evidently, the lettuce got on the sandwich and made them both inedible. *headdesk* She didn’t eat the snack b/c they had a Halloween party at school (which I can understand) but I was annoyed about spending 15 minutes making a special Halloween lunch that she didn’t touch. Argh.

3 Responses to “School lunch, day 38: Happy Halloween!”

  1. Sorry Leenie… definitely feel for you. I hate how much food gets wasted in our house – probably enough to feed another entire family of 4.


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