Recipe review: Egg Brunch Casserole | a Latte with Ott, A


This was another Pinterest find. I was looking for crock-pot breakfasts for when I’m up late on Friday or Saturday night and don’t want to get up early, but want a hot breakfast the next day. Since the crock-pot french toast was such a win, I thought I’d give this Egg Brunch Casserole a try!

This was almost as easy as the french toast – you do have to do some actual cooking, but not much. I modified the recipe a bit to use what we had on hand:  instead of bacon I used sliced ham, which I chopped fine; I omitted the bell peppers, which are never a hit in our house; I used mozzarella instead of cheddar cheese; I used 1% instead of whole milk; and I halved the recipe thinking that would be plenty for four of us (it was). We also ended up eating this for dinner (hence the salad), in a clean-out-the-fridge before the power goes out due to Hurricane Sandy attempt (we never lost power, thankfully).

J and I loved it, although he felt it could have been a bit more spicy; the kids thought it was OK but not as great as the french toast. I think if we do this again, I’m going to layer in the eggs along with the cheese, because the top part was nice and eggy but the bottom part was a little dry. I also think I might throw in some other veggies next time (I think mushrooms would work well).


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