Recipe review: Mini meatball sandwiches


We are continuing to go through KG’s princess recipe book – this was another selection from the “Belle” portion. I think they call them “Chip’s mini meatball sandwiches” or something along those lines. The idea is to make little sandwiches for little hands – and I thought it worked out well!

The recipe called for mini meatballs – I think I’m going to have to start making those myself and freezing them, because our grocery store just just carry mini meatballs, and this is not the first recipe we’ve had this problem with. Instead, we used regular frozen turkey meatballs and halved them before serving, which worked well. It might have actually worked better, because then one side was flat, so it probably stayed in place better.

One thing our grocery store does carry that we found worked really well for this recipe was slider buns. The recipe called for dinner rolls, but the slider buns were perfectly sized, whole wheat, nice and soft – ideal for little kid-friendly sandwiches.

Overall, this was another easy dinner, and another win from the princess cookbook – I’ve been pretty impressed with the recipes from that so far! This cookbook really does try to keep things simple and on kid’s level – if KG could read I think she could make this recipe with supervision and minimal adult intervention.


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