School lunch, day 42


This was actually today’s lunch, which KG and I made this a.m. after I had about 4 hours of sleep. KG came up with most of it herself. She didn’t eat most if it, however. Argh.

Jelly sandwich, apples, carrots, string cheese, egg salad,  mini candy bar for lunch.

Pretzels and raisins for snack.

What came home: egg salad, apples, carrots. This proves (again) to me that letting the kids put together their food has no connection to them eating that food. Sigh.


2 Comments to “School lunch, day 42”

  1. I totally agree!!! Whoever invented the idea kids will eat food they participate in making, clearly didn’t actually attempt it with any little kids.

    Same goes for picking out veggies/fruit in the market.

  2. Note to follow: KG ate the apples and most of the carrots at dinner last night, after having three helpings of tortellini and saying she was still hungry

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