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December 13, 2012

School lunch, day 63


Pb&j, pears, yogurt (KG picked this flavor and it is awesome), chocolate for lunch. (Food styling by KG, who had to put the candy on the sandwich for the photo.)

Clementine, pretzels for snack.

December 12, 2012

School lunch, day 61 and 62

Definitely not my most creative efforts. But KG seems to be a fan.



Ham and cheese sandwich, raisins, carrots (not pictured, I threw them in b/c lunch looked light), chocolate for lunch. Clementine and sweet potato chips for snack. What came home: NOTHING! WOOHOO!


Based on yesterday’s success, made pretty much the same thing for today. Ham and cheese sandwich, raisins, carrots, chocolate for lunch. Clementine and pretzels for snack.


December 10, 2012

School lunch, day 60


Pb&j, grapes, yogurt, chocolate for lunch. Water, clementine, crackers for snack.

December 6, 2012

School lunch, day 59


Field trip today… Was not daring enough to send her usual containers.

Leftover pizza, grapes, carrots, chocolate and milk (we were told to send a drink) for lunch.

Crackers and an apple for snack. (Putting the apple back together with a rubber band is supposed to prevent browning… We will see!)

December 6, 2012

Recipe review: Italian sausage soup


I found this recipe for Italian sausage soup on my friend Eulalia’s blog. Like E, I  used pork sausage (my reason was b/c that’s what I could get without casings at the store and I only had a limited amount of time to make dinner). I also used plain diced tomatoes and added some garlic and oregano, so that I could use the no salt tomatoes. I didn’t really measure the spinach, I used most of a bag. We did use fresh basil – my transplanted herbs are doing pretty well inside! The parsley is actually doing better inside than out.

J and I thought the soup was awesome, although it was more of a stew (could have used more broth). The kids rejected the tomatoes and spinach, but thought the broth, pasta and sausage were good. Typical. We’ll still make it again – got to keep making the kids eat their veggies (and fruit). I’d probably double the recipe next time, this made just enough for the four of us.

December 6, 2012

School lunch, day 58


Ham and cheese sandwich, apple/pear sauce, chocolate for lunch.

Sweet potato chips, clementine for snack.

What came home: sweet potato chips. I had only tried these again b/c when I was eating them the other day, KG begged to have some and then ate half the chips I had served myself. Guess they are only good if they are mine.

December 4, 2012

School lunch, day 54, 56, 57

Yikes, I’ve become behind in updating this site!


I don’t know why this was out of focus, either. Hummus, pita, carrots, string cheese, candy for lunch. Crackers and clementine for snack. Hummus is under some press-and-seal, which I’m trying out… seemed to work well!


PB&J, yogurt, chocolate for lunch. Orange and crackers for snack.


Hummus, pita, carrots (hiding under pita), string cheese, chocolate for lunch. Clementine and pretzels for snack.

Not my most imaginative lunches, either… but very much enjoyed.