School lunch, day 60


Pb&j, grapes, yogurt, chocolate for lunch. Water, clementine, crackers for snack.

3 Comments to “School lunch, day 60”

  1. i’ve been meaning to ask, can she actually peel her own clementine? I’m trying to decide is my son is incompetent, or lazy, he tells me he can’t do it.

    • Since she left home with an unpeeled one and came home with pieces, I was assuming yes. But your question made me ask her… and she had been having her friends open them. *headdesk* So then I started scoring the top with a knife to make them easier to open.

  2. hee hee hee… thanks! I’ve been peeling them myself, but I think I will give that a try. Figured I would save him some time, since he keeps “running out of time” to finish his lunch… but we have to foster independence somehow, right?

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