No-sugar fruit and yogurt parfaits


W’s birthday was this past Friday, and I wanted to send a snack to his preschool to celebrate, but they have a strict no sugary snacks policy. So no cupcakes, no cookies.

Luckily, they do provide a list of suggestions. One was fruit and yogurt parfaits, and here is my version.

Bottom layer: plain, non-fat yogurt.
Middle layer: plain, unsweetened applesauce.
Top layer: vegan blueberry pie filling, which is banana, dates and blueberries.
Topper: one slice banana

We served them in empty single-serve applesauce containers… That was the trickiest part! It is hard to make and transport 26 little treats. We had to find something that would fit in my cupcake carrier, and the applesauce containers worked perfectly. I put some press-n-seal over the top of each tray for security.

Here’s hoping the preschoolers enjoy the treat! W liked seeing all 26 containers set up to go to school 🙂


2 Comments to “No-sugar fruit and yogurt parfaits”

  1. Very creative, Kathleen!

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