School lunch, day 100!


100 cheese cut out; ham and pita; grapes and carrots (0s and 1s); smarties for lunch. Clementine and veggie sticks for snack.


2 Comments to “School lunch, day 100!”

  1. By the way, been meaning to ask – is she able to finish all this for lunch? I know that H is capable of eating all this food, and would (with more) if he were at home for lunch, but somehow, half his stuff is still coming home!

    • Well, remember that the orange and veggie snacks are for snack, so she’s only eating what’s in the main box. And it’s really not all that big (about 4 by 7, if I had to guess – one mini pita won’t even fit in a half, I have to tear it in half). It took me a while to find the right amount of food for her at lunch, but this seems about right. I’ll probably be seeing some of the carrots tonight, if anything is left.

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