Day camp lunch, day 3


Technically this is lunch and two snacks. But geez, doesn’t this seem like a lot of food for a 6yo?

“Lunch”: Turkey sandwich, yogurt (in silicone tube), carrots, orange juice (in tiger bottle).

“Snacks”: Cheerios, almonds, nectarine, pirate booty, banana, water.

She had pretty much the same amount of food today, and only the banana came home (I had foolishly just stuck a banana in her backpack, at her request, at the last minute). So it came home very squished and bruised (but the skin wasn’t broken) – I threw it in the freezer and it will be smoothie or bread. Tomorrow I’m playing it safe and sending her with my banana holder.

5 Comments to “Day camp lunch, day 3”

  1. Hey I see you have the same water bottle as us – the pink Nalgene one. How is it working out? when the leak valve is on it, my daughter says she can’t get any water. And of course, when I remove it, then it spill all over.

    • It’s been great so far. Both kids have them and they stay fairly leak-free with the valve in. I just toss KG’s in her backpack and we haven’t had any problems with it. They don’t seem to have any trouble drinking from them either. W is still figuring out the sport-bottle stopper on these new pouch bottles we got, however, and makes a huge mess with those.

      • So, we are trying out a new water bottle, after KG dropped hers on the pavement and the bottom shattered. It’s one of those ones with the little ice stick in it to keep the water cold. We’ll see…

  2. any update on the water bottle? we are on the hunt for a new one for harry

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