Trying a new type of menu planning

Read this idea on a forum, and I really like it. Designate each day as a specific protein/concept and rotate through five recipes you like for each one.

So here goes.

Chicken and black bean tacos
Chicken with salsa in crock pot
Roast chicken
Golden chili chicken
Curry chicken

Sloppy joes
Beef barley soup
Pot roast

BBQ pork tenderloin
Roast pork and potatoes
Smothered pork chops
Ham and lentil soup
Pasta with Italian sausage

Italian tilapia
Lemon tilapia
Fish sticks
Balsamic salmon
Tuna jack straw

Smorgasbord (two nights):
Italian wedding soup
Breakfast for dinner
Chicken tamale casserole
Quinoa skillet
Hot dogs
Pasta with meat sauce

Class nights:
Hummus and pita
Open face ham sandwiches
BLT sandwiches
Mac and cheese with turkey sausage

So for this week:
Roast chicken, roast broccoli, baked potatoes – Sunday
Sloppy joes, salad – Saturday
Pasta with Italian sausage, roast cauliflower, salad – Wednesday
Fish sticks, roast fingerling potatoes, salad – Friday
Chicken tamale casserole, salad – Monday
Ravioli, salad – Thursday
Hummus and pita, carrots, celery, bell pepper – Tuesday

We will see how this goes! Hopefully making one big list of things everyone likes will stop me from asking on Saturday night or Sunday morning “What do you want to eat this week?” and being faced with blank stares.


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