New-style menu planning week 3

Called a lot of audibles this week as we got used to the kids being at a different, further away day care. So next week’s plan has rollover items again.

Roast pork and potatoes – Saturday
Tuna jack straw! (Found some potato straws, hoping they work!) – Sunday
Golden chili chicken – Monday
BLT sandwiches – Tuesday
Quinoa skillet – Wednesday
Frittata – Thursday
Chicken and black bean tacos – Friday
Calzones – Saturday
Hamburgers – Sunday

Here is what we have left for upcoming weeks:

Chicken with salsa in crock pot
Curry chicken

Beef barley soup

Smothered pork chops
Ham and lentil soup
BBQ pork tenderloin

Italian tilapia
Lemon tilapia
Balsamic salmon

Smorgasbord (two nights):
Breakfast for dinner
Pasta with meat sauce

Class nights:
Open face ham sandwiches


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