Thanksgiving dinner

Spent the morning planning what we are making for thanksgiving dinner… And how it will all get cooked! Only one oven, LOL. Here’s my plan. What do you have on the menu?

Turkey – oven 500 for 30 then 350 for 2-3, rest for 15
Gravy – pre-prepared
Mashed potatoes – stove top
Cranberry sauce – stove top
Corn – microwave
Rolls – pre-prepared
Green beans – oven 475 for 45 mins
Cranberry jello – stove top plus refrig (night before), family recipe
Sweet potatoes – stove top for 60 then oven 450 for 5, atk p. 170
Green Salad
Stuffing – crock pot 7 hours, nym p. 141
Cider – stove top, family recipe

Pumpkin pie – oven 375 for 50 minutes (night before), bhg p. 788
Cranberry cake
Smores (kid request)

(nym = Not your mother’s slow cooker cookbook; atk = America’s test kitchen family cookbook, bhg = Better homes and gardens cookbook)

2 Comments to “Thanksgiving dinner”

  1. holy turkey… how many people are you guys having to eat all this food?

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