Sixth cycle, week 1

This week:
Saturday: pizza
Sunday: turkey soup in crock pot
Monday: Curry chicken
Tuesday: Egg salad sandwiches
Wednesday: Lentil soup, add ham at table
Thursday: Mac and cheese, sausage
Friday: Italian tilapia
Saturday: Taco salad

The rest of the list:

Rotisserie chicken
Chicken with salsa in crock pot
Curry chicken

Beef barley soup
Taco salad
Tator tot shepherd pie

BBQ pork tenderloin
Roast pork and potatoes
Pasta with Italian sausage

Fish (1 or 2 a week):
Lemon tilapia
Fish sticks
Balsamic salmon
Tuna noodle casserole
Italian tilapia

Smorgasbord (1 or 2 a week):
Breakfast for dinner
Butternut squash soup
Lentil soup
Mac and cheese
Italian bread soup

Class nights (2 or more):
Open face ham sandwiches
BLT sandwiches
Hot dogs
Egg salad sandwiches
Grilled cheese sandwiches

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