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June 21, 2015

15th cycle, weeks 2 and 3

Sunday: dad’s day dinner out
Monday: leftovers, salad
Wednesday: hamburgers, fries, salad
Thursday: last day of school dinner out
Friday: Italian sausage, pasta, broccoli
Saturday: boys night
Sunday: lemon fish, quinoa, salad

Monday: Grilled fish tacos, cole slaw
Tuesday: Italian sausage, pasta, broccoli
Wednesday: naan pizzas, salad
Thursday: crock pot mac and cheese, sausage, salad
Friday: grilled chicken, potato salad, green salad
Saturday: hamburgers, fries, salad

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June 14, 2015

15th cycle, week 1

Sunday: Italian sausage, pasta, broccoli
Monday: Chicago-style hot dogs, salad
Tuesday: bbq chicken in crock pot, cornbread, salad
Wednesday: calzones, salad
Thursday: mac and cheese, salad
Friday: boys night
Saturday: hamburgers, fries, salad
Sunday: lemon fish, quinoa, salad

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