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November 4, 2012

Apple compote and recipe review: Apple cider pancakes


I found this recipe for Apple Cider Pancakes on Saturday morning, when I was looking for a twist on our usual weekend breakfast. Mine were a little overdone (not the recipe’s fault), and I took the worst ones, hence the slightly blackened look above 🙂

These were great – nicely spiced, definitely a fun autumn version of pancakes to try!

We topped them with a little apple compote, quick and easy. W and J made it – W did the stirring 🙂

Apple compote recipe:

2 small baking apples (we used Empires), peeled and diced
1 tbsp butter
1/4 c brown sugar

Melt butter in large skillet over medium heat. Add diced apples. Stir and cook until the apples start to break down. Add sugar and stir. Serve warm. Makes four servings.

October 20, 2012

Recipe review: Apple Pancake Rings


We made these Apple Pancake Rings for breakfast this morning – I cheated and used Krusteaz pancake mix instead of making my own batter. For about 1.5 cups of Krusteaz, I used 1 cup water and three sliced apples. The apples were Empires, from our apple picking trip, and worked really well – they softened up nicely in the cooking time for the pancakes.

We had these with a little maple syrup, and they were delicious! A definite win and will make again, especially while we still have plenty of apples. I lost count of how many pancakes the kids ate 🙂

October 10, 2012

Recipe review: Food on the Table’s Golden Chili Chicken


We actually had time to cook tonight… Dinner did not come out of the crockpot! And we made a new-to-us dish.

I tried out Food on the Table this week after a recommendation. The recipes seem pretty basic and straightforward… Good for weeknight meals. I’m not a fan of their menu planning, since you can only do three meals for free, however, and I don’t know that I’m willing to pay a subscription to use their service yet.

That said, tonight’s Golden Chili Chicken was a win! J, who is not normally a fan of onions, enjoyed it, and KG said we should make it again. W didn’t try it, but what else is new. My only substitution was fresh minced carrot tops instead of the dry parsley. We served this with rice, cooked with more minced carrot tops, and green salad.

Carrot tops are great… Don’t compost or toss them, eat them! I like the flavor a bit more than parsley, even. I put them in the kids’ breakfast smoothies the past couple days, once with spinach and once without. They do taste a little more “green” than spinach in a smoothie, but the kids didn’t say anything.

And for dessert… Apple crisp, which we put together while dinner was simmering and baked while we were eating. Nom.

October 1, 2012

School lunch, day 19

Image rotation fail. I swear I take all these photos the same way.

Another interweb-inspired creation!

Apple sandwich with peanut butter and apple butter, apple chunks, carrots, babybel cheese, squash chocolate chip muffin for lunch.

Cranberries and pretzels for snack.

Update: what came home.