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June 13, 2014

Tonight’s noms: Italian tilapia


Italian tilapia, slightly modified from Wegman’s tilapia al forno recipe, over pasta, spinach and tomato sauce. This is a popular dish in our house all around, and it’s fast and easy!

We tweaked the recipe by cutting down on the oil, just using enough to barely dampen the breadcrumbs, adding basil and oregano to the breadcrumbs, and using jarred pasta sauce.

Tonight I also tried Barilla’s veggie rotini, which was devoured. Woot!

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March 22, 2011

Sneaky Chef: P B & J muffins; Hi-Fi Fish Sticks

I am very behind on updating this blog – my apologies! We have now made four different Sneaky Chef recipes, and here are reviews of two:

1) PB&J muffins


I used almond butter instead of peanut butter, as we haven’t introduced W (age 2) to peanuts yet. I also used what I thought was fairly thick jam (Polaner All Fruit), but as you can see, it still melted into the muffins quite a lot. I also made 12 muffins instead of the 8 the recipe called for, since that’s what’s in a normal muffin pan.  These were pretty darn yummy. KG loved making them – she helped stir, put the batter in the muffin pan, and put the jelly, too.

These muffins are (not surprisingly) super-filling. We had them for breakfast before church and no one complained about being hungry until lunch – a definite win in my book!

2) Hi-Fi Fish Sticks


I owe this meal to In the Kitchen with Audrey – I liked her idea so much I had to try it. I did, however, switch things around. I baked the fish and fried the hush puppies. The fish sticks were good – everyone really liked the breading, which contains ground almonds. The hush puppies, which I made with chopped spinach, were a huge hit.

The surprise win of the meal was the salad – the kids went nuts for baby spinach. KG thinks it’s basil, which she loves, and really likes that each leaf has a “handle.” We’ve had spinach several times since, and both kids still are enjoying it!