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March 9, 2011

Not-my-Nana’s Lasagna


(Had to take a bite before snapping the pic. Too yummy!)

As I was flipping through my cookbook while doing menu planning last weekend, I happened across the America’s Test Kitchen lasagna recipe.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m Italian (half, actually). So I should be able to make rockin’ lasagna without a recipe. But I can’t. I’ve tried. And as much as I’m sure my Nana would kill me for not remembering how she made lasagna, I don’t. Sigh.

This recipe seemed pretty easy… it even called for no-boil lasagna noodles. Now, whenever I’ve made lasagna before, I’ve always used traditional noodles, par-boiling them and then trying to make nice neat layers with sticky wet pasta. Not my forte. No-boil noodles seemed like cheating. Well, I have to say that this is one cheat I’m going to use from now on.

N0-boil noodles are so easy to use, it’s ridiculous. First off, they aren’t a giant sticky glob that has to be unraveled, and which then rips into shreds. They are nice even planks. Second, they don’t have those curly edges (at least the ones we bought didn’t) which makes layering even easier. Finally, they are perfectly sized to cook within a 9×13 pan.

I made half beef and half spinach lasagna – carefully segregating the parts as Lent is here. Just finished a piece of the spinach section for my Ash Wednesday lunch, as a matter of fact. Which is the best thing about lasagna – not only is it the classic make-ahead meal, it re-heats wonderfully.

I think, thanks to my new friends the no-boil noodles, lasagna is going to be making a regular occurence at our dinner table.