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January 27, 2011


I’ve been finding lately that many of my food-related ramblings are getting a bit too long for Twitter’s 140 characters, and aren’t really Facebook fodder. So I thought, how about a blog focused on our family’s food adventures?

A bit of background on me: I grew up in California. My parents tried to always serve us healthy food, and a wide variety of foods, too. My brother and I will eat just about anything. When we were kids, artichokes were among our favorite appetizers (still are, actually). My mom packed lunches for us every day. We did eat a lot of sandwiches, but looking back, I have no problem with that. What’s wrong with a sandwich at lunch? She also tried to be as creative as possible within the limits of a lunch bag – things that can be easily carried around all day without getting warm/squashed etc.

I went off to the Midwest for college. Our university had a decent dining hall. I still tried to eat healthfully, but let’s face it, college kids will cram down just about any food/beverage in front of them, and a lot of the time that included pizza, ice cream, crazy coffee drinks. I gained weight. I met my husband, J, who had grown up eating standard Midwestern fare. I spent 3 months in Italy eating pretty much all carbs, thanks to our “dorm” kitchen. When my husband and I got married, we both were working a lot. 70 hour weeks were not uncommon, and our food choices tended to be fast and easy. By the time we had been married a couple of years, I had gained more weight, and knew something had to change.

I kept a food diary for a week or two and was shocked. I went on some diet management sites and re-learned what healthy choices were, and how to manage my food consumption. I cut my daily fat and calorie intake, and exercised a lot. It took a long time, but I eventually was down to a more reasonable weight (back in the “average” BMI).

I got pregnant for the 1st time about five years ago. While pregnant, I tried my best to follow my doctor’s nutritional advice, and gained about 40 lbs. Thanks to breastfeeding, I dropped that within months after our daughter, KG (now age 4) was born. Same thing with our son W, who is now almost 2. I’ve never gotten back to how skinny I was when our daughter was a year old and still nursing, but I think that’s a good thing. (Family and friends were starting to worry about my eating habits.)

This brings us to now! I strive to cook most of our family’s dinners. J and I eat leftovers for lunch. The kids have breakfast, lunch and two snacks five days a week at their full-time daycare. On the weekend, I try to make all six meals and four snacks. Trying to get a preschooler and a toddler to make healthy choices can be challenging!

I plan to use this space to make recipe notes, jot down ideas, and comment on how different items have turned out. I hope you enjoy.

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