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July 9, 2014

Gemelli With Sausage, Swiss Chard, and Pine Nuts, Recipe review


Tried this recipe for dinner tonight, with some tasty local red swiss chard. Omitted the pine nuts. It was delicious, and the red chard made it quite colorful as well! I’ll definitely make it again, although the kids weren’t fans of the chard and picked it all out.

December 6, 2012

Recipe review: Italian sausage soup


I found this recipe for Italian sausage soup on my friend Eulalia’s blog. Like E, I  used pork sausage (my reason was b/c that’s what I could get without casings at the store and I only had a limited amount of time to make dinner). I also used plain diced tomatoes and added some garlic and oregano, so that I could use the no salt tomatoes. I didn’t really measure the spinach, I used most of a bag. We did use fresh basil – my transplanted herbs are doing pretty well inside! The parsley is actually doing better inside than out.

J and I thought the soup was awesome, although it was more of a stew (could have used more broth). The kids rejected the tomatoes and spinach, but thought the broth, pasta and sausage were good. Typical. We’ll still make it again – got to keep making the kids eat their veggies (and fruit). I’d probably double the recipe next time, this made just enough for the four of us.

October 20, 2012

Recipe review: Food on the Table’s Sausage and Tortellini Soup


We’ve been continuing to try out the recipes on Food on the Table. Up for today: Italian Sausage and Tortellini Soup. This dish cost a bit more than we normally spend on a dinner (I think it was about $20 all told, including the bread we had on the side) but we all ate until we were full at dinner and had about 2 quarts left over, so it was decent (although not great) on the price. It was, however, 20 minutes from start to table – which is awesome in my book.

W ate the sausage and pasta; KG did as well, plus a little bit of the broth. We did the veggies as “add your own” – you’ll note we modified the recipe a bit and used mixed frozen veggies instead of green beans. We also added some fresh spinach, chopped roughly to make it more spoon-sized; used the 20-ounce package of fresh tortellini from the refrigerator section of the grocery store; and added about 4 cups water plus 3 teaspoons chicken broth granules. Oh, and we used poultry sausage instead of pork (although that wasn’t specified in the recipe).

Will we make this again? Definitely. Will we probably swap out some ingredients to make it a little more budget-friendly? Absolutely.

April 28, 2011

Chicken and Sausage Stew

Tonight’s dinner was a hit with the adult set… but meh with the kiddies.

I made America’s Test Kitchen’s slow cooker chicken and sausage stew with corn, and had sides of rice and broccoli. I thought this would be total win… the kids could just pick out what they liked. And that kind of worked… they both ate all their sausage, nibbled on the corn and broccoli, and ignored the chicken and rice.

My favorite part was the roasted red peppers I stirred into the sauce at the end… delish. Shockingly, the kids wouldn’t touch those.

Despite the meh reaction from the kiddies, I think this is going on the make again list.